5 Facts You Did Not Know About Naruto Creator Kishimoto Masashi

Masashi Kishimoto

Almost everybody who watches anime, knows Naruto creator Kishimoto Masashi (Reason why I write Kishimoto Masashi instead of vice versa, is because in Japan the surname comes before the given name. Hence Uzumaki Naruto). The Naruto franchise has turned into a big succes, selling over 220 million copies worldwide and thus becoming Shueisha’s fourth best-selling manga (right behind Dragonball, Golgo13 and One Piece). But how much do we actually know about this big hero of ours? Find out today!

1. Kishimoto Masashi’s favorite anime is Dragon Ball.

The diehard fans already know this one, but it was the author of DragonBall (Akira Toriyama) who inspired Kishimoto to draw manga. We can also clearly see some similarities between the two manga’s. For example, Goku and Naruto are both simple and naive, have a huge appetite, wear orange uniforms and were trained by an old perverted guy at one point.

naruto in goku clothes

2. The Naruto creator loves Spiderman.

Who would of thought of that?! Spiderman (or like the japanese say: ‘Supaidāman’) was a live-action television series that was produced by Toei Animation. It lasted from May 17, 1978, to March 14, 1979.

japanese spiderman

3. Kishimoto is a twin.

Yes, you read that right. The Naruto creator has a little brother looking exactly like him by the name of Seishi Kishimoto. Seishi Kishimoto is also a mangaka and the author of ‘Satan 666’. I guess talent really runs through the family.

Seishi Kishimoto

4. Kishimoto debuted with his manga ‘Karakuri’.

If we look at te picture down below, we do see that the clothes of the main character somewhat resemble Uchiha Sasuke in the beginning of the series.

Karakuri manga

5. In the 11th grade (around age 16/17 for most japanese boys), Kishimoto drew a 31-page manga, which was described as “horrible” by his father and brother. He lost his passion for drawing for a period of time.

We all know that the Japanese people are very disciplined, but they can be harsh at times as well. I think this fact portray’s something very important. You should never let someone else’s opinion define you. If every successful person on this earth actually listened to the haters, they wouldn’t be successful. Kishimoto’s net worth is estimated around 20 Million US dollars. This is the result of all the blood, sweat, tears and hard word that he put in his manga. Chase your life goals and dreams with the same mentality as Naruto:
‘Ore wa zettai akiramenai!’ (meaning= I will never give up!).

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