5 Habits For Succes We Can Learn From Rock Lee

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When we talk about Rock Lee, we’re talking about an amazing character. In almost every “Favorite Naruto Character’ poll on the web, he alway’s ends up atleast in top five. The shinobi got so popular with the Naruto fans, that he even got his own comedic Naruto spin-off anime adaptation lasting 51 episodes (Naruto SD: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals). What are the reasons we are so attracted to this Konoha’s Beautiful Green Beast and what habits for succes can we learn from him? Find out today!

5. Be simple.

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Being simple doesn’t mean being dumb. It means to be clear like water. Not overanalyzing your problems and see things for what they are. Goku from DragonBall and Naruto have these character trait as well. We can learn a lot from these characters. How many people do you know that make their problems 10x times bigger in their mind, while in reality, they aren’t that big of a deal? Stop overanalyzing and start being simple!

4. Be eager to learn.

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Have you ever noticed how eager Rock Lee is in almost every aspect of his life? Whether it’s in his training or some cheap philosophy quote Guy-sensei tell’s him, Lee is always eager to learn. This is an important trait for self development, which is the road to succes. As some of you know, I’m a physical therapist (read: About). I could be the best physical therapist in the whole wide world, give some of the best advice you’ll ever hear to my family regarding my level of expertise and still have some of them ignoring it. Alway’s stay open and recognize good advice when it’s there. Learn from successful people with the same mentality as Rock Lee has.

3. Always stay positive.

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The amount of energy coming from Lee is enormous. He’s always energetic and thus tributing to the typical ‘mr. nice guy’ stereotype. Do you know that one person who always walks around with a positive vibe? You could be the saddest person in the world, have a ten minute conversation with them and feel happy again. These kind of people are the Rock Lee types. We live in a world where there’s unfortunately too many negative things going around. In such an environment, maintaining a positive attitude makes the difference in becoming very depressed and addicted to bad stuff or staying sane and hopeful. Always stay positive!

2. Know how to handle problems.

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Jack Sparrow had a lovely quote regarding this trait in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
He said: ‘The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.’ Everyone has an amount of problems they deal with in life. Some ofcourse bigger than others. But having them is still an inevitable part of life. The majority of the people deal with this entirely wrong. They become a victim to their problems and start blaming other people for their own misery. Rock Lee always owns his problems and thinks in solutions.
Instead of complaining about a certain problem, ask yourself the following: ‘What can I do to make this problem disappear’. There is ALWAYS something you can do. Sometimes you cannot control your external environment directly, but you can however control your mind and perspective regarding the situation that you’re in. Think in solutions!

1. Work incredibly hard with a Rock Lee type of intensity!

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Lee works incredbly hard in realizing his goal (becoming a fine shinobi without using ninjutsu). In his journey he has shed some blood, lot of sweat, some tears and encountered tons of problems, but he never gave up. Always work hard at whatever it is you do, whether you apply this in the gym, school or your relationships. Do not let other people’s opinion stop you in performing the best you can do. Succes is a marathon, not a sprint. Work hard with a Rock Lee type of intensity and see your dreams come true!

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