I (Curtis, the admin) am 23-years old, was born in 1993, am a graduated physical therapist and live in the Netherlands. I started watching Naruto while the japanese version was only around episode 50. This was somewhere around 2003. Back then, watching anime wasn’t nearly as easy as it is nowadays. I had this big computer who, every time I turned on, made the sound of an airplane takeoff. It was the time period where the internet speed was considered “fast”, if you were downloading at 50 kb per second. Most people will remember having the choice between downloading two versions of a Naruto episode.

naruto oldschool

One high quality version of 128 mb and a one far less impressive version of 30 mb. Ofcourse my computer, internet speed and lack of patience to see the new Naruto, always made me choose the less impressive version. I had to watch the episodes with Real Player, which always made my computer lack by the times of thirty. Remember those good ol days:’)?

Straight Outta Tokyo

When I finished university (Amsterdam School of Health Professions) back in 2015, I made a childhood dream of mine came true and went to Tokyo Japan. With the mind of a hustler and the heart of a king, I made some great connections during this 15-days visit with people in the Anime and Manga industry. Some of the people I’ve met work at companies like Studio Pierrot, Toei Animation and Shueisha Inc. Coming back from Tokyo, I always had this vision of building a business around something I’m passionate about. For me, that’s anime and fitness. I’ve had several projects in the fitness industry (some still ongoing), but none in anime. Atleast…not yet…

Boruto Anime Was Born

Chibi Boruto by Marinha20When I found out that Boruto was getting his own anime, in less than 24 hours I registered BorutoAnime.com and created what is now known as the ‘Boruto Anime Team’. For now I’m the only blogger (this might change in the future), while the rest of the team works behind the scenes. Besides me, the Boruto Anime Team consists out of the following people;

  • Kazuya (25, M, Web Development);
  • Zuri (21, F, Art Department);
  • Shugetsu (22, M, Web Development).

Our goal is to become a big and dominant newsblog regarding the Boruto franchise, but other Anime as well. The most important thing, is that we provide exclusive up-to-date information and build a community that is of value towards every Anime fan out there. If you have any feedback, questions, fanart, news story or whatever it is you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us Here.