Top 3 Best Anime Conventions That Are Held In Tokyo Japan

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The one place where anime fans can be completely themselfes are at anime conventions. It’s a place where kids, teenagers and young adults from different age groups come together and can participate in workshops, discuss anime, buy japanese food, wear cosplay, play video games or do several other fun activities. At these cons they are surrounded by people with similar interests, which bringes down the fear of judgement to a zero. Today we’ll discuss the top 3 best anime conventions that are held in the land of the originator of anime, Tokyo Japan!

Top 3 Best Anime Conventions:

3. Tokyo International Anime Fair

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Number three on the best anime conventions list is Tokyo International Anime Fair. It’s one of the largest anime trade fairs in the world. The event started in 2002 as ‘Tokyo International Anime Fair 21’ and is held anually. The chairman of the event used to be none other than Tokyo’s own governor Shintaro Ishihara (one of the most powerful politicians at the time), who did a lot of promotional activities for the convention. In 2014, the event merged with ‘Anime Contents Expo’ under the name of ‘AnimeJapan’. In 2016 the event reached the amount 133.000 visitors.

2. Jump Festa

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Number two on the best anime conventions list is Jump Festa. It’s an annual event that is sponsored by Shueisha Inc. (the manga publisher company of all our favorite animes). It started in 1999 under the name of ‘Jump Festa 2000’. It’s usually a convention where new manga or animes are introduced, which makes it a place to be for every diehard anime fan. The first trailer of the Boruto Anime premiered here as well. Besides anime, the events also act as a gaming convention. In 2015 the amount of visitors was 158.000.

1. Comiket

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Number one and final on the best anime conventions list is Comiket, also known as the Comic Market (or like the Japanese say: ‘Komikku Māketto’). It’s the largest doujinshi (=self-published work) fair in the world and is held twice a year in the city of Tokyo. Once in the month of August and once in December. They are referred as Natsukomi (Natsu=summer) and Fuyukomi (Fuyu=winter). The convention usually lasts two to three day’s in both periods.

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Comiket originated in 1975 by manga critis Yoshihiro Yonezawa, Teruo Harada and Jun Aniwa while studying at the Meiji University. In 1982 there were less than 10.000 visitors at Comiket, but in 1989 this was already increased to a 100.000. The event and amount of visitors kept increasing each passing year. Comiket 76 (year 2009) even reached the amount of 560.000 visitors!

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