How To Earn Money Online Even If You’re Not That Smart – MyPoints Honest Review (Scam or Legit)


‘It was just before the summer holiday’s of 2016.

I was 18-years old.

Didn’t have any money in my bank account.

And my ex-boyfriend just left me for another girl.

uraraka crying gif
I used to be very depressed during this dark period of my life. Maybe it was my bank account or maybe it was the fact that the girl my ex left me for was 10x richer than me.

I just knew I wanted to make a lot of money during my holiday. In my eyes for some reason, they were the solution for my pain.

I could have went and searched for a summer job. But to tell you the truth. I was an extreme introvert that didn’t like to interact with people. Spending my summer at a job meant…well…interacting with people.

midoriya computer gif
So I opened up my computer and started googling:
‘How to make money online’
‘How to earn money without investing’
‘How to make money online as a teenager’

I encountered a website called ‘MyPoints‘. They claimed to let me earn money just by giving my opinion.

I didn’t trust it. That sounds a little too good to be true. Coming from where I come from (as an latina chick in Brooklyn NY) you would understand my suspiciousness.

For some strange reason, I still signed up. Thinking to myself I ain’t got nothing to lose.

I completed my first survey in less than 20 minutes.

And then it happened.

$1 in my account balance.



I earned my first dollar online!!

It was just a dollar. But doing it in my room on my laptop…while my cat miss Luna is laying next to me…and having my favorite J-pop songs in the background excited me.

I made money on my own terms.

I filled another survey. This time received $2.2.

I got a total of $3.2 in my balance.

uraraka money

Being the crazy dreamer I am. I immediately started having fantasies of earning $1000 a day by doing this.

In a short amount of time I achieved the $5 payment threshold.

I decided however I was going to save it up more.

In 7 days I earned $25,74.

The next question now was: Will I actually get paid?’ (Find out below)

You can earn money…with $0?

Have you ever wanted to earn money online without spending a dime? Or better, do it all from home? Well, now you have it.

Mypoints is a free survey network that pays you by giving your opinion via surveys about all kinds of stuff.

The way it works is that companies are constantly trying to improve their products, commercials or services. There isn’t a better feedback to receive than from you! Your opinion is worth money.

You can fill surveys and earn money on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

So did I get paid?

Yes. See my payment proof here below:

But, like any free paid survey network, it occasionally has it’s downside. There are sometimes periods where there are less surveys to fill.

This is especially true for people that live outside the United States and Canada. (The GEO locations MyPoints is aimed at.) Which can mean you earn less money than usual.

Thankfully next to filling surveys, you can also earn money through gaming (choose between a dozen different games, refer-a-friend, printing coupons (earn money for each coupon you print and redeem) and watching videos (earn money for watching a short video).

Other free paid survey sites, like Survey Voices , do a slightly better job of providing you with surveys, but don’t have the same ‘fun’ element that MyPoints has perfected.

So if you’re looking for a mix of making money and having fun, I’d say MyPoints is your better option.

I’ve been using MyPoints to earn some extra money on the side for a more than a year now. And, while I’m not super rich (yet), I’ve made more money on the side than I expected.

The fun element is actually more addictive than I expected. And, wanting to continue my daily ‘hustle & grind’, it made me work harder on days I’d normally slacked off.

The road to success can be frustrating at times, but like any method to make money, it’s always fun in the end. And this is a great way for anyone to make money without having special talents or being very smart.

Memberships have, and always will be, 100% free for MyPoints.

You can sign up Right Here.

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